1) Do I have to have an account to purchase retail or wholesale?
Answer: Yes, you need to have an account for retail and all wholesale accounts must have both in order to view that section, as well as check out. 
2) Do I have to purchase all 6 pieces in a pack for wholesale items? Or can I purchase just 3 pieces?
Answer: Unfortunately, our packs come pre-packed in 6 pieces and cannot be broken. All packs must be sold as is. 
3) Do you have any other sizes other than the one listed for retail items?
Answer: If a size is not listed for a retail item, it's is not available. 
4) How fast do you ship? 
Answer: We usually ship same day or next day max. If something is missing from your order, we will be contacting you via phone/email. 
5) Do you work with bloggers?
Answer: Yes, we're building our brand and love working with bloggers to get exposure for both parties.
Please feel free to email us with any questions. We usually have a prompt response: sales@sololafe.com